Evart angler continues to enjoy success

Evart's Paul Higgins has had a strong year of fishing. (Courtesy photo)

Evart's Paul Higgins has had a strong year of fishing. (Courtesy photo)

EVART - Fishing continues to be very good for Evart's Paul Higgins despite the recent hot weather.

"It's been hit-or-miss," the long-time Evart basketball and baseball coach said. "We have fished some local lakes. We just came off a lake (in mid-July) and that was a tough bite which I don't know if the weather that came this morning pushed them or shut them down.

"Even though it's been hot for a couple of weeks, we were doing a lot of pike fishing and bass fishing and doing pretty well. We've been fishing like the Manistee area quite a bit. We were coming off of Crooked Lake (Sunday night). There was a little tournament over here we were trying to fish. We left our fifth wheel in Wellston. We'll just go up there and fish Manistee Lake and catch a lot of bass and pike."

Higgins also fishes Tippy Dam extensively.

"We fished it a little bit when we were up here the last three days and didn't do anything. Probably three weeks ago, we got a nice steelhead up there," Higgins said. "Up there, the fish are shut down because the weather is so warm. For some reason, Manistee Lake has been pretty consistent for us. We've done well on bass and pike. No real big pike but we were catching fish. I guess I'd rather catch something than nothing."

As for the next two weeks, "I'm hoping the weather cools down a little it and maybe start chasing some salmon real quick," Higgins said. "It's going to depend if you get a lake flip and get that water to turn over in Lake Michigan and start bringing those kings into the harbor. We did see a few in Manistee Lake jumping in the water. They're starting to get close."