Ice fishermen getting more active

Conditions starting to get more favorable

Anglers are looking to spend a lot of time on the ice.

Anglers are looking to spend a lot of time on the ice.

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BIG RAPIDS – Ice fishing season is finally starting to show some promise.

‘We’re starting to get more icy conditions now,” Tanner Havens, of Frank’s Sporting Goods in Morley, said. “The (Morley) pond is fully covered with ice but isn’t safe to walk on yet. There’s a lot of guys who say the ice is starting to move further south now and getting to be safer. By Big Rapids and Canadian Lakes they have safe ice.

“By the end of weekend we’re hoping the Morley pond here and areas around here should be safe to fish They have been getting some fish up north but not a lot. The guys able to get out are finding a little bit of success.”

In northwest Michigan “We’re kind of in a middle period right now where ice is starting to form a little bit, but no one has been fishing real hard lately,” a spokesman at Captain Chuck’s in Ludington said. “Steelhead in the river is really the only thing going on and even that bite isn’t great but they are catching some.”

“We’re finally getting some ice on Portage a little bit just downtown off the boat launch,” Dewey Buckner, of Don’s Sporting Goods in Manistee said. “They’re getting some nice perch, some really nice pike and a few walleyes. There’s nothing in Manistee, no ice, but we should be getting some ice (soon).”