Youngsters attend Jakes event in Reed City

REED CITY  —  It was called the Jakes Event and focused on young hunters.

The Crossroads Chapter of the National Wildlife Turkey Federation sponsored the Jakes event at the Reed City Sportsman’s Club earlier this month.

Alleah Mullarkey, of Cadillac, was among the participants in the bow shooting competition. She has used a bow before, but said he learned plenty on Saturday during the morning event.

The key in being an effective bow shooter, she learned, is “aim lower than what you actually want to do,” Mullarkey said.

Nate VanAntwerp, of Reed City said it was his first time shooting a bow.

“It’s definitely the form,” he said.

Evan Traynor is the chapter president.

“They’re from all over the county,” Traynor said. “Some are from the Leroy, Tustin area. They come from all over. We posted fliers locally. It’s a free event for the kids. We’ll try to do it every year. It’s our first one. Marshall (Wickens) is a member of the Reed City Sportsman’s Club and he arranged for us to have it here.”

Jim Decker, chapter vice president, noted it was the first time for a Jakes event.

“We’re doing shotgun shooting, rifle shooting, archery shooting,” Decker said. “We had about 18 people. They go to archery then shotgun, where they shoot clay pigeons, and then the rifle range at the end. Once we get everyone through the whole course, then we’ll have lunch.”

Jakes ages are 9 to 17. The emphasis behind the event was getting youngsters interested in hunting.

Decker said he got out turkey hunting once with his grandson this past season.

“We seen them, but didn’t do no good,” Decker said, adding from others he talked with, “it sounds like it was pretty good.”

“I took the last season,” Traynor said, adding while he didn’t get a turkey, “I heard it was a good season overall. The last season is always a little harder because the turkeys are a little bit leery by then because they’ve been hunted hard.”