Yarger focusing on two sports during summer

REED CITY — Summer for high school athletes doesn’t mean time off from their respective sports.

For athletes like Reed City’s Ally Yarger, it has meant getting ready for the 2015-16 sports season.

Yarger has been playing both volleyball and softball this summer for Reed City. She will be a senior this season.

The volleyball team has been in various camps to get ready for the season that opens with practices on Aug. 12.

Yarger said she spends the summer focusing on the position she’s looking at. Last season, she played left side and left back row. Her positions might change this season.

“I think if I’m not going to be a left, then I’ll be a back row middle,” she said. “I definitely have to work more on my passing in that case.”

Summer is also time for volleyball players to enjoy some bonding.

“We all know each other pretty much,” Yarger said. “We’re all friends.”

That’s a factor that especially helps in a team sport like volleyball, Yarger acknowledged.

“You have to know your players individually and how they play,” she said.

For softball this summer, Yarger has been at shortstop. She’s usually been there or at second base, her favorite spot.

“I like the position and covering for bunts and steals and stuff,” she said.

The Local Area Teams League, with doubleheaders every Wednesday, has allowed Yarger to work on those positions. She has also tried to work on her hitting.

I want to be more consistent,” she said.

The summer season ends Thursday at Montabella.