Women's Invitational today at Spring Valley

REED CITY — Today features a unique event for the Wednesday Women’s Golf League at Spring Valley Golf Course.

The Ladies’ Invitational is set for today and will be an 18-hole event, starting this morning.

Susan Staton said golfers will be coming from as far away as the Ludington area, plus Cadillac, Big Rapids, Lake City and Baldwin.

Staton is the secretary of the Wednesday Women’s League which tees off every Wednesday morning. The league continues play through Sept. 18.

“It’s every year,” Staton said. “In August, we have our invitational with ladies from all-around. Our Wednesday Ladies league puts it on.”

The tourney features an 18-hole four-person scramble. Stanton had 11 teams of four coming for 44 ladies.

“It’s about normal,” she said. “This year, it’s a little lower than sometimes.”

The first four places are paid after the tourney.