Woman golfer looking to return to action after shoulder injury

REED CITY — Joan Foote is sitting out from Sunday golf league action at Spring Valley Golf course while she nurses a sore shoulder.

But she can’t wait to return to action.

Foote has been involved with various other leagues including the Monday and Wednesday women’s leagues.

“I’ve played in (the Sunday scramble) league since it started,” she said. “It’s been between 10 and 15 years. It was just to get people together and get them out here.”

Foote enjoys all of her leagues but points out the uniqueness of the Sunday scramble.

“It’s the most fun,” she said. “I have more fun on this league than all the other ones. It’s a mixed league and you golf with different people every week. It’s a fun league.”

Foote has been a golfer for 22 years, and is among the oldest golfers in the league. She’s been sidelined about three weeks with her shoulder after pulling a muscle. She’s not quite sure yet when she might return. But when Foote gets the OK from her doctor, she indicated she’ll be quick to return to the course.

“Right out here is where I played my very first game,” she said, recalling a friend invited her to play.

All of her leagues will conclude in mid-September. Foote is hoping the weather remains favorable to make up for a slow start.

“It’s been wet a lot, a lot of rain,” she said.