REED CITY — Golf courses have plenty of individuals who help make the facility successful.

That’s the case at Spring Lake Golf Course outside of Reed City where there are many individuals who help make a round of golf more pleasant for the players. That includes “Scotty” as she is nicknamed at the course. She’s the beer cart girl and her real name is Carol Wojcik.

She performs the beer-cart function for tournaments and outings. She drives around on the course to supply beverages and snacks for the golfers.

“I’m on the go all the time,” Wojcik smiled. “My goal is to make others happy and to enjoy it.”

She said she’s been running the cart “a long time, many years. We work part-time.”

Wojcik golfs a couple times a week, but doesn’t belong to a Spring Valley league.

“I didn’t join a league because I’m usually working,” she said, adding her role while she’s on the course with her cart is to “put a smile on their face and get them hydrated. I have to give them some liquid hydration.”

Wojcik, who lives in Evart, has played in leagues in the past. She’s played golf 10 years.

“I played softball before that,” she said. “My (fiance)  wanted me to learn how to play golf so we could do something sociably.”

Wojcik plays at other courses includng Birch Valley near Sears. She plays in an Evart Moose co-ed league there.