Wing set to play huge role for Pine River basketball

LEROY — Tyler Wing made contributions for the Pine River Bucks from off the bench last season.

He’s set to do it again as a boys basketball starter this winter.

It’s Wing’s second season on the varsity. Last year, he was on the Swarm unit, which would come in and play several minutes to give the starters a break and also create problems for the opposition. It also gave Wing and his fellow Swarm members some key experience.

“Our whole Swarm team was bringing in the energy,” Wing said. “Once the starters got down and got tired, coach would bring us in and we’d kick the energy right back up,”

Wing played guard/forward last season and is one of the point guards this year.

“It will be the same role,” he said. “Mason (Powell) and I are the guards right now. We’ll be on and off bringing it up the court. I tend to bring the energy as much as I can. Even when we’re down, I’ll try to keep us up. I want to be that spark where I make everyone play better than where they are right now.”

Wing said his passing is among his assets as a player, along with defense.

“I’m starting to get my shooting better,” he said. “My dribbling is always something I’m working on.”

Pine River has started out 3-0 going into the holiday break.

“I do believe we can go far,” Wing said. “We’ve been playing since we were 5 years old, all of us. We know each other, how we play, where we’re going to be.”

Wing is in three sports, including football and baseball, but did play some basketball during the summer.

The Bucks enter Highland Conference play in January.

“McBain and Manton are going to be our toughest opponents,” Wing said. “We have to shut down their scorers. We know who their scorers are.”