Wildcats endure week-long drills

EVART — It was hot and humid on Tuesday night, July 19. But it wasn’t too warm for the Evart Wildcats to get some work done during a weeklong football camp.

Robert Young-burge a sophomore, said he’s been focusing on basketball and football.

In football, “we have more of our positions’ practices this week,” said Young-burg, a sophomore linebacker. “We’ve scheduled our practices later because of the heat.”

The Wildcats had scheduled for practices early in the week 6-8 p.m. But coach Pat Craven moved them to 7-9 p.m.

“It helps us a lot. It freshens us up on what we’re supposed to do with our positions,” Young-burg said. “It’s hot and they give us frequent water breaks.”

Craven has instructed his players to drink six gallons of water per day.

“This is dangerous stuff,” Craven said. “Hopefully it won’t be this hot in August. I know there’s heat advisories everywhere. It’s a lot of walk throughs. We’re not going to do too physical of stuff. We’ll try to implement things and work on technique and go as slow as we have to. Probably Thursday and Friday will be a lot of film and chalk talk involved. We might be indoors the middle of the day.”

For Thursday and Friday, the players were scheduled at the school for more hours.

“Obviously, we’re changing our plans because of the heat and are being real careful with that,” Craven said. “There’s a lot of individual skill work and technique, that kind of stuff.”

For the week, the team worked out at the football field. “The practice field is having some work done on it,” Craven said.

On Monday, July 18, there were 41 players at the workouts.

“That’s not as many as we’d like but you take what you get and make it work,” Craven said. “Right now, we’re in the fundamentals, just going through basic stuff. We’ll get more in-depth as the week goes along.”

This week, the Wildcats are in the weight room.

“I give them the whole first week of August off,” Craven said.

Preseason practice officially starts Aug. 8. The first game is Aug. 26 at Montabella.

“We’ve had a couple of 7-of-7s I was pleased with. We’ve had really good numbers in the weight room,” Craven said. “We’ll try to continue to get better day-by-day.”