Wildcat cheer takes second place

CEDAR SPRING -- Evart’s competitive cheer team took second place in the Division 3-4 at the Cedar Springs Invitational on Saturday. All the Evart girls received a medal for taking second.

Tri County took first place.

It was the second meet of the new year for Evart. The Wildcats were second at Grandville on Jan. 5.

Coach Marty Pattee had 12 girls in the first round, six in the second and 12 in the third.

“They did very well,” Pattee said. “There were seven teams in our division and they were all very good schools It was probably the best round 3 the girls have ever had. They scored the fourth highest score of all the teams there in all divisions. They did a good job.”

Evart goes to Gaylord on Saturday

“Even though I put them against some really hard teams, they keep increasing their score, “ Pattee said. “They continue to impress me. Just constant improvement, that’s all I see from them.”


BRETHREN- -- Pine River was third at the Brethren Invitational on Saturday.

“We’re pretty similar to what we performed at our last competition,” said Pine River coach Tiffany Lindquist, referring to December’s Houghton lake Invitational “We had our round 3 complete this time. They did pretty good considering it was the first time they did round 3.”

Pine River competes at the Farwell Invitational on Saturday