Wet weather having impact on spring hunting



BIG RAPIDS -- It shouldn't come as a huge surprise to anyone wet weather has been having an impact lately on the hunting scene.

"I haven't heard too much lately on turkey hunting," DNR wildlife biologist Pete Kailing said on Thursday. "I've got two friends out today and they said it's very quiet for them. We heading toward the end of the breeding season for the wild gobbler. All hens would be on nests now. They're not very vocal. You have to kind of intercept them, know where they're going to be and meet them where they're headed."

The season ends on May 31.

"Stable weather would help," Kailing said. "Ticks and insects are now out. There's still time. I heard a shot just the other day. There's still hunters getting after it. It's a little harder this time of year than it is in April. It's still doable if you're a diehard turkey hunter."

Conservation officer Angie Greenway agrees.

"I haven't seen a lot of pressure," she said. "A lot of people are being successful. I don't know if it's more on private property. I haven't seen a lot of people on public. I'm still seeing a lot of birds moving. There's good opportunities out there if you haven't seen one yet."

Bears are out looking for food, Greenway said, and residents need to be careful.

"You could have an encounter," she said.

"Put in your bird feeders out at night or don't put them out at all. Make sure the garbage is pulled into the garage."