Westhoff eyes more key plays for Coyote basketball team

REED CITY — Reed City senior Brenna Westhoff had a big moment earlier this month in her team’s 44-41 victory over Fremont.

She’s hoping there will be plenty more before the season ends.

Westhoff had a rebound off a missed Reed City field goal and had the putback late in the game to help seal the victory. Moments earlier, when the Coyotes had a narrow lead, Westhoff opted not to take a clear path to the basket and instead passed off with hopes of continuing to kill the clock. In hindsight, Westhoff wishes she would have attacked the basket instead.

“If she missed the free throw, hopefully, I’ll get the rebound, put it back and make up for my mistake earlier in the game,” Westhoff said, reflecting on her thoughts at that moment. “It was a matter of outjumping and outrebounding them. I was trying to get the points no matter what. If I was fouled, I was thinking I’d go to the line and make them.”

Her role on the court, Westhoff said, “is play defense, cover the blocks and get some rebounds and get putbacks, help the team defensively and talk on offense. I’ve been doing OK. I can definitely improve. As a whole team, I need to talk more offensively and defensively.

“We’re doing better on scoring, but definitely not as well as we’d hope to. We don’t make as many shots as we’d like. They’re not falling for us quite yet.”

As for her own play, “I would become a better player in all aspects of the game,” she said.

Reed City was winless last season, but has gotten off to a promising start.

“We’re definitely a lot more confident in the season,” Westhoff said. “We’re hoping for a district championship. That’s our goal, and to have a winning season. We’re hoping to play our (best) every game. We definitely want it to happen in March.”

Reed City is at Chippewa Hills on Friday night.