Weight-lifting sessions popular for RC football

REED CITY — The weight room at Reed City is busy throughout the school year. But it’s also busy during the summer months.

The Coyotes have various weight-lifting sessions during the summer weeks, and athletes like Trent Sturgell have been trying to take advantage.

He’s a sophomore and noted that the weight-lifting sessions are 9-10 a.m. and 6-7 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. One session last week had around 25 players.

Sturgell played running back and safety last season and is waiting to see what his role will be this year for the football team.

Attending the summer sessions “are encouraged,” he said, noting that 100 percent participation in summer events draw a reward at the football camp. “You get a lot bigger too.”

He’s also been playing baseball with the summer team. But he’s also at basketball camps. He played JV baseball during the spring. His position was second base and shortstop.

Summer ball “helps a lot,” he said. “There’s pressure on getting better.”

But getting in all three sports during the summertime with the various camps makes it a challenge, Sturgell noted, adding that there are occasional conflicts with game and practice times between the various sports.

“I live in Big Rapids too, so I have to catch rides here every day, it’s kind of hard,” Sturgell said, who attends school in Reed City.

Weight-lifting will continue this week. Next week is the mandatory “dead time” from the MHSAA. Weight lifting will resume the week of July  7, which will be accompanied by blocking camps and more 7-on-7 camps.