Weather is warmer and anglers hoping for more success

Panfish action is very impressive

The warm weather should attract many people out fishing.

The warm weather should attract many people out fishing.

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BIG RAPIDS – The weather is warm and the fish appear to be biting.

In Mecosta County, “we’ve heard our first reports of muskeys they’ve been catching below Rogers Dam,” Tanner Havens of Frank’s Sporting Goods, in Morley, said. “What’s really been big in the past few days around here have been a lot of the panfish. They’ve been catching a lot of bluegills and (crappies) that have been moving up in the shallows in five to seven feet of depth. They’ll move into the beds shortly.”

In northwest Michigan, the DNR reports at Portage Lake, evening anglers were lining the stub piers trying to pick up walleye with some activity in the later hours. Perch fishing was slow except for a few small ones and bass anglers were reporting no activity yet,

Anglers at Onekama are targeting lake trout in the barrel and picking up good numbers and sizes running wire lines and cow bells, the DNR said. 

A few brown trout and a couple Chinook salmon were caught by anglers in Manistee while fishing in the harbor and along the shoreline, the DNR said. Lake trout tended to be in deeper waters.

A couple brown trout were caught off the piers while using spawn, the DNR said.  A few perch were caught off the north pier and in boats, but it was slow at times. Walleye and pike were also reported from the piers, the DNR added.

“We’ve been busy,” Larry Scharich, of Shipwatch Marina in Manistee, said. “I’ve been getting my boat ready to put in I and we’ll have it in there Friday. They’re getting a few fish,  mix of browns and lake trout and salmon.”

At Ludington, anglers trolling reported slow brown trout fishing, the DNR said. The piers were slow although a walleye or two were caught in the evenings.

At Frankfort, brown trout were reported daily from local anglers. Anglers were trolling inside the pier heads with body baits, the DNR said. Anglers were finding gobbies in the stomachs, so they were running deep with darker lures. The cleaning station was open to the public and all the docks were in.

“They’re doing good on pike and walleyes in the harbor” a spokesman at the Frankfort Tackle Box said. “They’ve been getting some cisco off the pier. They’re getting some kings, but very few, and they’re getting some nice lake trout.  Some of the inland lakes are starting to heat up a little bit.”

Fishing Tip: Use a spinnerbait to target bass

Courtesy of the Michigan DNR

As water temperatures rise, both largemouth and smallmouth bass will start to hang out in shallower water and stick close to areas with cover. Want to know a great tool to target them there? Try a spinnerbait.

Seek out cover; such as logs, boulders or weed patches and cast your spinnerbait in that direction. Often you’ll entice a bass ready to strike unsuspecting prey.