REED CITY — Reed City area resident Todd Dew has been a longtime avid waterfowl hunter, and has the feeling this could be another good year.

“I’ll be out duck hunting,” he said. “We’ve been out goose hunting and did fairly well in the early season (in September). The heat kind of put an end to that. It was nice, though.”

The season opened earlier this month for the Middle Zone which includes this area.

A lot of people will hunt Haymarsh and the Featherbed and the Martiny Chain. Those get some pretty heavy pressure,” Dew said. “A lot of the goose hunters, the corn is in silage right now so the geese are moving toward those fields. So if you can get access to cornfield being cut right now, those tend to be hot fields.

“You stop by and ask. Most of the farmers would say ‘shoot them;’ because (the birds) kind of get in the way.”

The waterfowl season provides him with quality time with his son, Dew pointed out, plus with other friends.

“Duck hunting is more of a group sport vs. deer hunting which is kind of a solitary sport,” Dew said.

Hunters should check with the DNR’s website for open hunting days for various waterfowl in certain zones across the state.