Washington ends season with Pine River

LEROY — Marcus Washington was in his second varsity baseball season for Pine River with hopes of having just as much success this season as last.

“It went really good last year,” he said. “I liked it and had fun.”

He played second base last year, but Washington was at shortstop this season.

“I like shortstop way better,” he said. “There’s a lot more action.”

That position gave Washington a chance to use his glove and demonstrate leadership. But it doesn’t necessarily mean more pressure, he said.

Pine River coach Shawn Ruppert said Washington left the team prior to the end of the season because of a job conflict.

Washington also had seen some pitching action and was one of the team’s top pitchers

“I didn’t pitch at all last year,” he said in early May. “I’ve pitched probably three games this year. It’s not bad.”

Washington had pitched in previous years and said he was able to get back into the necessary rhythm. His fastball had been his strength. He had good movement and effective control with it.

Pine River enjoyed an 11-game winning streak prior to a home loss at its tournament in early May. Washington’s departure, however, has left the Bucks thin in the pitching department and Pine River is 15-13 overall.

“They’ve all been pretty nice wins,” Washington said, noting that the season started off at 1-5 for the Bucks. “Everybody has to have their head in the game and show confidence.”