Volleyball team focuses on rest of summer schedule

REED CITY — Reed City’s volleyball team, like other Coyote squads, took several days off with the dead week, after an active June. But July also promises to be busy.

Volleyball players were in the gym last week saying active.

“During the summers, we do Mondays and Thursdays, and this week is our only dead week,” Ally Yarger, a junior, said. “Then we start off again (this) week (Wednesday) with a scrimmage at Kingsley. We’ll continue doing (the weekly drills).”

At the end of the sessions, there might be scrimmages if there’s enough players.

Middle-school aged players have been coming to the sessions on Thursday.

“We’re starting to get a lot more,” Yarger said. 

Yarger is a first-year varsity player and notes the importance of summer.

“It’s helpful,” she said. “You work on different things. The ball control camp... that’s the main thing in volleyball, you have to pass the ball to get it started, and serving.”

Coach Don Patterson said his team will remain active after the dead week with an open gym and various camps, including one at Kingsley (earlier this week) and Ferris State later this month. Late in July, Reed City will host a hitting camp.

“Everybody that we expected to show has been showing,” Patterson said. “The JV numbers will be very high. We’ll have some difficult decisions there.”

Volleyball practices will officially begin in mid-August, followed by the start of the season.