REED CITY — It’s another summer in the Monday Masters League for Reed City’s Dale Williams and David Steele.

The Masters League plays Monday afternoons at Spring Valley Golf Course and it’s open to men 55 years and older.

“This is the master over here,” Steele said, pointing to his partner, Williams.

Williams, who will be 87 in September, was 55 when the league formed and was one of the original members. He’s been in the league since 1981.

Steele has been in the league since 1998.

The poor weather made league play in April rather challenging, they admit. They missed some days, but not many.

The league wraps up Sept. 23.

Steele also plays in the couples league Friday night at Spring Valley and in the Sunday Scramble. He and Williams also sub in other leagues.

Monday Masters League participation numbers have stayed about the same.

“We have enough come in to replace the ones (that leave),” Williams said.

They haven’t experienced any unique or amazing shots this season but are just happy to be out playing golf every Monday.

“Dale’s the golfer here, he’s the natural,” Steele said.

“A long time ago,” Williams smiled. He added that driving is his strength on the course.

How many more years?

“I do it one year at a time,” Williams said. “ I hooked up with him about 15 to 18 years ago,”Steele said. “I was one of the young guys, but now I’m 77.”

A lot of the golfers are in their 70s. Both Williams and Steele said the league still maintains high quality golfers.