VanOrder excited about junior season


EVART — Nolan VanOrder got the job done as a sophomore on Evart’s varsity basketball team. He’s hoping for more of the same this season as a junior

“I thought we played pretty good, VanOrder said, looking back at 2013. “We had a solid season. I thought I played pretty good for being a sophomore and moving me up.”

VanOrder played center field last season and plans on sticking there this year.

“I love the outfield,” VanOrder said. “Centerfielder is kind of the captain of the outfield. that’s just my spot.”

Evart is in its fourth week of baseball practices and the Wildcats basically have been inside. They were hoping the weather would allow them to get outside this week.

“It’s tough inside,” VanOrder said. “We can practice on mechanics. It’s hard to practice outfield. Infielders are getting some action. The faster we get outdoors the better we’ll be. it’s so limited inside.”

The Evart junior is looking for a strong hitting season.’”I didn’t hit the ball well last year,” he said. “I feel like I’m going to hit better this year, definitely. I don’t know what percent or anything, what kind of average. I know it wasn’t very good last year.”

VanOrder wants to work harder at his hitting.

“I want to work hard, focus on the mechanics, keeping my eye on the ball,” he said. “200s or 300s, that’d be awesome. I’d be happy with that.”

VanOrder has confidence in his arm defensively.

“I get good reads off the ball,” he said. “I made some diving catches last year. I know I’ll be better this year.”

The Wildcats were scheduled to play Morley Stanwood at home this Wednesday. The status of that game was iffy, which would mean the season won’t start until after break when Evart’s at Glen Lake April 16 and at home April 22 with Lake City.

“I think we’ll have a strong looking team,” he said. “I think we should win quite a few games. I think defense is our strength. We have a couple of strong pitchers. That always helps.”