Twins hope to see triple with another league title

REED CITY — They look alike, they perform on the track, football field and basketball court alike and they enjoy sports alike.

That’s three reasons right there why Reed City juniors Eric and Michael Bradford are truly twins in every sense of the word.

Right now, both are juniors on the track squad.

Eric will be in the 400-meter, 800-meter and 1,600-meter relays and the long jump.

“We definitely want to have the school record in the 4 by 4,” Eric said. “We’re also hoping to medal at state. We also want to qualify for state in the 4 by 1.”

Qualifying for the state finals in the 4 by 4 a year ago was a major highlight for the Bradfords.

“We were trying to have fun with it, then we wound up qualifying for state,” Eric noted. “That was really interesting, kind of fun.”

Eric is looking for 19-6 in the long jump.

“We’re going to be pretty good, we’re hoping to get first place in the conference (Central State Activities Association) by beating Morley,” Eric said. “We think we have people that can place in every event. We’re pretty solid this year.”

Michael will be in basically the same events as his brother. “I might run the open 400 every once in awhile to mix things up,” he said, adding that in the long jump “I’ve been on the edge of 20 for the last couple of years so I’m hoping to get at least mid 20s.”

Michael is confident he has improved significantly this season.

“Being in the weight room, I prepared for football in the summer,” he said. “I feel that I’ve gotten stronger. I feel I’m going to be a lot better this year.”

Michael Bradford is hoping to see the 1,600-meter relay team get a medal at the state finals. “The 4 by 1, would like to see qualify and if I could, I’d like to qualify for state in the long jump. Last year (the qualifying standard) was 20-foot, one. I think I’m capable of that.”

Warm weather for the preseason was very helpful, Michael indicated.

“We could actually get out and run to get the feel for it and get our legs in shape,” he said. “Last year, we were running in the halls the first two weeks.”

Both Bradfords were on the Reed City football and basketball teams that enjoyed success earlier this school year.

“It’s rare to win three conference championships in one year,” Bradford said. “That would be fun and good experience.”

“The sky’s the limit for this team,” Michael said during track season. “We could easily win or lose, it depends on how we practice and prepare.”

Of the three, Eric points to track as, individually, perhaps his best sport.

“I really like the team essence in football,” Eric said. “We did really good this year. That’s probably my favorite sport.”

“Like Eric said, probably individually track because I’m fast,” Michael said. “But I love football. It’s a team sport, it’s great, that would be my favorite.”