Tustin golfer remains active

TUSTIN — The Thursday Men’s League at Tustin Trails Golf Course has had some memorable moments this season with some unique golfers.

That includes Terry Witham of Cadillac. He’s been in the league and at the course for two years. He also plays at Caberfae and McGuires.

“I just happened to see this course with my brother, stopped and talked to some people here,” Witham said. “They offered me a chance to come out here and play.”

The nine-hole facility “is open, it’s not tight quarters,” Witham said. “The people, I enjoy the camaraderie. We get a different partner every week. You have a chance to meet a lot of people and (learn) neat things about them. I enjoy playing golf.”

Witham has played the sport on-and-off since 1979. It’s an open men’s league but features mostly retired golfers, he pointed out. Witham also takes pride in his driving. 

He’s waiting for his first eagle and/or hole-in-one. But Witham has had some key moments in his career.

“I have one from about 150 yards out. I dropped it within two feet of the cup. That earned me a closest to the pin (award),” Witham said.

The league started last spring as soon as the weather permitted and will go for a few more weeks. Witham is retired but sticks around the area for 12 months. He definitely enjoys the golf season at Tustin.

“I enjoy the people and enjoy being out with them,” he said. “I just enjoy it period.”