TUSTIN — Larry Walters is a familiar face at the Tustin Trials Golf Course.

Walters is at the course about four times a week. Among the leagues he participates in include the Monday night men’s league and the Wednesday couples league. He plays with his wife, Kim.

He also plays on a Thursday scramble league and usually shoots in the low 40s.

Last year, Walters sank a hole-in-one in late June at hole No. 2, which is 123 yards long. He used a 7 iron, for his first ever hole-in-one.

“I’ve played quite a few years,” he said. “But I never played much eight years ago and then I started playing two to three times a week.”

He won’t soon forget what happened with his hole-in-one.

“I hit it pretty good,” he said. “All of a sudden the ball disappeared and I wasn’t sure if it went in the hole or rolled off in back. You’re 130 yards away. You can see it going down.”

When he walked up and saw it in the hole, Walters realized he had the ace.

“I felt like I won the lottery,” he smiled. “On that same hole (recently) I was just 18 inches away.”

Most of his golf action is at Tustin Trails, Walters noted.