Tustin area resident celebrates hole-in-one

TUSTIN — Jack Forsberg knows a golfer needs a little bit of luck to get a hole-in-one. In that respect, he was very lucky this summer.

He golfs in the Thursday men’s league at Tustin Trails Golf Course.

But he didn’t get his hole-in-one in that league.

“If I had gotten it on a Thursday, I would have won $300,” he said. “I got it on a Tuesday. My buddy from St. Louis heard about it so he sent me a trophy.”

He was playing with his nephew Ken Forsberg. They were playing on their own with two other golfers. The ace came at hole No. 2, which is around 125 yards.

“It’s over the pond,” he said. “Everybody goes in the pond.”

But not this time with Forsberg getting the job done with a 7 wood.

“My nephew had hit one and it went over the bank,” Forsberg recalled. “I hit on the left side of the green, but the (cup) was way on back of the green. It hit and went all the way around halfway across it and way in the back and into the cup.

“I wasn’t sure it went in, but Ken has better eyes and he said it went in. I went up and was looking for it. Ken said ‘it’s in the cup. I walked up and sure enough it was in the cup.’ I didn’t believe it at first.”

It’s his first career ace in his 35 years of playing the sport.

“We had a good time,” he said. “We shot a good round, I do remember that.”

Forsberg, 79, who lives three miles west of Tustin, received a hole-in-one towel for his accomplishment.

“We have a log cabin where the two rivers come together,” Forsberg said.

He built the log cabin eight years ago. He had an advertising business in Lansing for 40 years. But now, he has his mind focused on summer golf.

“I love this course,” Forsberg said. “Every Thursday, religiously, we meet here. I really love it.”