TUSTIN -- It was rainy early Friday morning, but the rains went away in northern Osceola County and allowed Tustin Trails Golf Course grounds superintendent Ken Kanouse to make the debut of the course's high school-aged league.

It's basically an informal open league which will be meet every Friday and is for high school-aged boys and girls, mostly from the Pine River school district. For many of the participants, it was the first time for an actual sport event since the coronavirus shut all prep sports down on March 12.

"The kids wanted to start a youth group and we tried to get a golf team through the school," Kanouse said. "It would be more of a social league just trying to get our kids back together. They haven't seen their buddies in awhile. (Friday) is the first day. There won't be a whole lot of instruction at the start. We'll just go out (and play). We're doing it every Friday."

Pine River currently doesn't have a high school golf program. Kanouse anticipates there would be as many as two or three dozen participants.

"We're hoping to get some gals," Kanouse said. "Pine River has had some great athletic gals over the years."

Other leagues have started at the course.

"Couple of them have grown a little bit." Kanouse said. "A couple of our couples and ladies leagues have declined a bit because some people are not coming back to Michigan this summer and others are staying away."

Everything is being done outdoors, Kanouse added. The current state order bars golfers from congregating in clubhouses.

"We have a 24-team men's league on Monday, a ladies league and couples league on Wednesday and a few others," Kanouse said. "We have a total of eight or nine leagues. We're going just about every day."