Tustin Trails Course competes for special ‘Cup’ award

TUSTIN — It’s not to be confused with golf’s famous international Ryder’s Cup.

But the Tustin Trails Golf Course has used such a trophy to establish a friendly rivalry with another course.

The Al Kanouse family owns the course, and Lorraine Kanouse said the “Ryder Cup,” has most recently been sitting in her clubhouse, but not the one most golfers think about usually. Last Saturday another course won the Cup.

“Our members compete with the members from Lakewood (Cadillac),” she said. “It’s a two-man scramble. This one, we won (earlier this summer) and have possession of it. They play a two-person scramble.”

It’s played three times a year. Last Saturday, the Lakewood Club won it and has possession of the jewel.

“Whoever wins it gets to keep the cup in their pro shop,” Kanouse said.

The next competition is Sept. 6 at Tustin Trails.

In the last competition when the local course won it, Tustin had 18 members while Lakewood also had 18.

“It depends on how many signed up at that time,” Kanouse said. “It’s match play for 18 holes. This is our second year.”

The introduction of the cup is an “interesting story,” she points out.

“One of our members brought me this cup,” Kanouse said. It belonged to his grandfather. It was black. He wanted  to know if I had any use for it. “I said sure ‘I’ll polish it up and plant a flower in it.’ Two weeks later, they decided to have the ‘Ryder Cup.’”

That’s when Kanouse figured she might have more use for the cup than just flowers.

“I said I have the perfect thing,” she smiled.

The rest is history.