Tustin Golf Course ranger still enjoys the sport


TUSTIN — John Jaeger spends his summers at Diamond Lake near Tustin Trails Golf Course where he likes to play during the summer.

He’s a resident at of Holland but has had a place at Diamond Lake for 10 years. He’s a Holland native.

“My son bought a cottage up there and we stayed there,” Jaeger recalled. “He sold it a couple of years ago. So we have a trailer, and we stay in there.”

Jaeger has played at the course for several years.

“It’s a good course, I help out a little bit,” Jaeger said, who occasionally serves as a ranger. “(As a ranger) you keep the (golfers) moving. If you get a lot of big groups, they like to party, and you try to keep them moving and keep them off the greens with their carts.”

Jaeger plays regularly in the Thursday morning men’s league at Tustin Trails and subs in another league.

“I’m here for sure six days a week, sometimes seven,” he said.

Jaeger’s best score at the par 35 course has been 36 for nine holes. He usually averages from 38 to 42.

“I’m an average golfer,” he smiled. “I chipped one in three weeks ago from about 80 feet out. That was a nice eagle.”

It came on hole No. 7 with his pitching wedge.

“I’ve come within two inches on a hole-in-one,” Jaeger said. “I’ve come within a foot or two two times.”

He’s in the area from mid-May to mid-October, but he’ll enjoy his stay at Tustin Trails while it lasts.

“They keep it up so nice,” he said. “It’s always in great shape. There’s good people and it’s not very difficult, but yet it’s challenging.”

Recent weeks have provided some good weather.

“It’s been usually cool mornings,” Jaeger said. “I like to go in the mornings when it’s usually pretty cool.”

His driving has been the best part of his game.

“Usually it’s been my putting, but for some reason that’s gone away,” he smiled.