Turkey hunters enjoy success this season

REED CITY — Ross Momany continues to be an avid turkey hunter in Osceola County.

He had the second season in late April to early May.

“I’ve been watching five big toms,” he said. “The weather has been somewhat cold, sometimes raining once in awhile. Other than that, its not too bad.”

Momany predicted the lasthunt, 234, which ended May 31, would be very successful.

“There’s a lot of turkeys out there, but you have to be at the right spot at the right time,” he said.

Local DNR wildlife biologist Pete Kailing indicated it was successful turkey hunt.

“There’s been some success,” he said. “The weather has been on and off. It’s been cool some days and windy and not so good. there have been some successful hunters. Hens are on their nests for the most part. If you’re hunting turkeys right now, the toms will be tied up with the hens in the morning by 10 or so. In the afternoon is the time to be out to find a lone tom.”

Northern Michigan DNR wildlife technician Katie Keen indicated it’s tough to measure exact success for turkey hunters without various methods like check stations, which are used during the deer seasons.

“At this point, the only thing we would have going on is license sales,” she said. “We don’t always hear from successful turkey hunters until the spring harvest survey. License sales is the thing. The sales are up for spring turkey. It’s something we’re happy about. Hunt 234 makes it easier to buy a license. Not everyone realizes the changes that have been made and that an application isn’t needed and you can buy one during the season.”

Since turkey hunting seasons started in mid-April, there’s been a wide variety of weather.

“I feel like the weather this year has been good for turkey hunting,” Keen said. “With 234 being so long, you don’t have to worry about the weather too much.”