Turkey hunters enjoy success

REED CITY - Turkey hunting ended in the area on May 31, and initial reports are hunters enjoyed a decent amount of success.

DNR wildlife biologist Pete Kailing said it appeared hunters generally speaking were able to find turkeys. It all depended on the conditions, but the general analysis is it was a good year.

Various hunters agreed, including Brian Boland of Mecosta, and Terry Getts of Big Rapids. Getts indicated most of the hunters he knows had success with the exception of one, whose hunting schedule was affected by a family matter.

Longtime hunter Jim Maturen of Reed City bagged a turkey this season but came up short.

"Like I said before I'm not finding the turkeys we saw a few years ago," Maturen said. "I think it's just a fraction of what there used to be. I've got a lot of farm fields to hunt. They're just wasn't the turkeys."

Maturen called in two gobblers very close to his decoys in the cornfield. He didn't know if they were close enough, so he let them go. Later in the season he saw a gobbler out standing by itself "but I missed him as clean as a whistle," Maturen said. "That was my one chance."

Kailing indicated fawns and other outdoor activity was progressing. He advised residents with bears on the move to continue to not leave food outside and inadvertently attract bears to various residences.

Getts is also an active member of the Reed City Sportsman Club.

"Sunday they're going to open it up to 100 people, outside, because they have to practice social distancing," Getts said. 'You can't go into the clubhouse unless you're going to use the restroom. They have to use social distancing."