Teacher remains active in fishing, hunting

REED CITY — It’s a busy time in the classroom for Reed City’s Dave Zielinski, but that doesn’t mean the longtime area resident won’t have time yet for a fishing pole or a bow in his hand.

The Reed City High school science teacher has been working at the school for 16 years. He’s a former varsity baseball coach who graduated from Reed City in 1992 and played sports including football and baseball.

He’s heavily into fishing and hunting, especially the former right now.

“Fishing will start this weekend (April 29-30),” said Zielinski. “I like going up to Houghton Lake and Long Lake up in Interlochen for walleye. I don’t do as much trout fishing anymore because I enjoy the boat fishing better. I get spoiled since one of my friends owns a charter service so I can fish the Manistee for steelhead and salmon.”

Spring fishing prospects will be interesting, he hinted.

“This weather has been different so I can’t predict,” Zielinski said. “Mushroom season and all that hasn’t been good but certain things have been. It will be up in the air this year, I think. It depends on the weather. Right now, I wouldn’t suggest it’s going to be good but that might change by summer.”

Zielinski has been limited by time to do as much ice fishing as he once enjoyed.

He’s enjoyed plenty of hunting over the years including bow, rifle and muzzleloading when it comes to deer. An 8-pointer with an 18-inch spread has been among his trophies. He limits his hunting to this immediate area.

“Last year was very good,” he said. “I saw a lot of deer.”

Having competed in sports and seeing action as a coach, Zielinski has obviously developed a competitive nature, but indicated that it’s not necessarily that aspect that he enjoys most about hunting and fishing.

“For me, it’s relaxing,” he said. “A lot of times, when I’m hunting, I’ll take a book with me. I love being relaxed.”

His interest in hunting and fishing comes from his family ties. In the Zielinski family, the opening day of deer season is quite an event.