Tapling looks ahead for Evart basketball

EVART — Robert Tapling got a chance to see action about half of the varsity boys basketball season for the Evart Wildcats as a sophomore. He’s ready for see what he can do to help the team in future seasons.

The Wildcats ended their season at 9-11 last week with a loss to Evart in the Class C district semifinals. Tapling had been brought up for the year to the varsity midway during the season

“I kind of found my role,” Tapling said during district week. “I feel I can play on the varsity level pretty well.”

Tapling started most of the games after he was brought up.

“I’ve been a scorer,” he said. “I cooled down after the 19-point game I had. I’ve been scoring about 10 a game.”

Tapling admitted that once he started scoring points, other teams paid him more attention.

“Farwell put their best defender on me (in the district opening round),” he said. “I just try to play my game and do what I do. I’m not trying to change anything. I try to keep it balanced.”

Evart wound up 9-11. The key against Pine River in what proved to be Evart’s last game was to put on the pressure, Tapling said. But the Bucks wounded the Wildcats with excellent early-game shooting.

The season is over but the chances Tapling got to play varsity ball could prove to be invaluable for the future.

“I feel confident,” he said. “I feel like I’m doing everything I can do.”