TV program host encouraged with early bow season signs

PARIS — Kyle Randall likes what he’s seen of the area bow hunting season so far.

The Paris resident and host of the Wilderness Journal TV program is expecting it to get even better.

“The bow hunting has been slow due to the warm weather but the recent frost has really turned on the deer movement,” he said. “We were out this last weekend and saw more deer in two days than we had seen in the previous week.”

It’s starting to show by the response Randall is getting on his TV program.

“We’re starting to get a lot more viewer and family members sending in successful pictures,” he said. “The number of deer people are reporting seeing is up. The number of bucks seem to be better. It’s going to truly be a good year, especially in comparison to the previous two.”

Randall especially has high hopes for late October and early November.

“If anyone was waiting, right now through Halloween is the perfect time to be hunting a deer that’s moving from and to feeding,” Randall said. “Probably by (Nov.) 5 and 6, we’ll have some good pre-rut action. I’m a little leary of that full moon time after the fourth and fifth. But after that, it ought to be pretty good this year.”

Randall said good-sized walleye and perch have been at Lake Erie and is looking to see big walleyes soon.

“Even in Saginaw Bay, the bigger fish tend to come on and put on the feed sack before it gets too cold,” Randall said. “Local guys in this area did well on their final bass tournament deal and are still catching nice number of largemouth. I wouldn’t be afraid to keep the boat in the water an extra week or two.

“Tell everybody I said personally to be safe and enjoy the season.”