TV host reflects on success of hunting season

Randall reminds anglers to be cautious

Local resident Kyle Randall is host of TV's Wilderness Journal.

Local resident Kyle Randall is host of TV's Wilderness Journal.

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 PARIS – Local resident Kyle Randall of Paris TV host of the Wilderness Journal, looks back at the last three months of 2021 with fond memories.

“From people we talked to, the deer season had a mixed start but the end of it came out pretty well,” Randall said. “The firearm season was good for some and absolutely frustrating for others. I know there were a lot of deer taken in that late muzzleloader season in December. There were a lot of people hunting again this year. I think the rut cycle was slightly off from the firearm season. That left a few more deer for the late season guys and gals to chase after.”

Small game hunters are starting to get dogs out for rabbit season.

Ice fishing season was starting to get under way this week with the cold temperatures coming in Friday expected to be of help.

“The ice is still questionable and people need to be real careful,” Randall said. “I’ve seen a few more people out ice fishing. It’s going to get better. But i can’t stress enough for people to be cautious on the ice especially this time of year with it being cold and then warm.”

Randall suggests persons planning on spring fishing to book their reservations early because the pressure is expected to be high.