BIG RAPIDS -- Kyle Randall is as enthusiastic as anyone with the latest in area turkey hunting and fishing action.

"I can say the turkey season is going pretty well," Randall, a Paris resident and host of TVs Wilderness Journal, said. "It's starting to wind down. Smallmouth (bass) are starting to come in. We went up and caught some tremendous fish (Wednesday). I know some of the lakes are warming up and some of the people are doing some catch and release bass fishing.

"The white morels mushrooms are real good right now. There are things to do outside but you can't get together with anybody to go out and do it. But if you do it with your family there's some opportunities. The fishing is starting to pick up now that this big rain is done. The rivers are out of the question. Some of the small inland lakes are clearing pretty well. We went up by Traverse City (Wednesday) and did real well."

Upcoming warmer weather will help, Randall added.

"I would highly suggest people obviously stay away from rivers and streams for another four or five days," he said. "It's pert near a normal spring to be honest with you. I would hope people take advantage of the time they have. Now is the time to get your food plots in if you're doing spring food plots for deer. There's a lot of things you can do that maybe you've put off."