Sweet, Eichenburg eager to spark Coyotes during football postseason


REED CITY — Darrien Sweet and Dean Eichenburg have been here before for the Reed City Coyotes.

The 9-0 regular season has been secured and the Coyotes have won another Central State Activities Association football title. Once again, it’s time for playoffs.

The Coyotes host Clare on Friday and will look to have a productive offseason.

Sweet is the starting right guard and outside linebacker for the three-time CSAA champions.

The reason behind the undefeated season, Sweet said, “is hard work. A lot of people did a lot of hard work over the summer. There were a lot of 100 percenters over the summer. That’s what the key has been.”

Sweet has to admit that the season hasn’t exactly produced any surprises.

“We just came out to do work like we always do,” he said.

Sweet goes back to week one in the victory over Big Rapids as perhaps his team’s best performance.

“We were all pumped, it’s just Big Rapids,” he said.

The schedule, Sweet said, has prepared the Coyotes for post-season challenges. “During practice, we’re always hard on each other,” he said.

Challenges for the offense have included a lot more passing.

“Josh (Saez) has stepped up in the pass game (as wide receiver) and so has Chad (Samuels as quarterback)” Sweet said. “That’s caught teams off guard a lot.”

Sweet has been happy with his offensive play.

“It’s my last season, I have to go out there and do what I do best,” he said, adding on defense. “I’ve been doing well. What coaches tell you to do, read what they tell you and execute.”

Hard work will be the key to playoff success, Sweet indicated.

Eichenburg is starting left guard on offense. Last week, he said the Coyotes were focusing on the schemes presented by White Cloud.

The Coyotes are playing even better than last year’s team, Eichenburg indicated.

“There’s a lot more connection,” he said.

Eichenburg indicated Reed City’s performance against Central Montcalm may have been the best of the season.

“They were a hard hitting team,” Eichenburg said, adding that the schedule, including opponents like Newaygo, will get his team ready for the postseason.

Gong 9-0 “has been a lot of fun, especially being a senior,” Eichenburg said. “We’re hoping for 14-0. That’s what our goal was at the beginning of the year.”