LEROY - Garett Sumpter will be a senior at Pine River this coming school year and plays basketball and baseball for the Bucks.

But he missed his junior baseball season because of the Coronavirus issue.

Sumpter was getting ready for his first official year of varsity baseball. He was set to play in-field.

"I have a good arm and accuracy from third to first," Sumpter said.

He was playing on the basketball team, which was set to play in the district title game on March 13. But the team found out the day before it would not be playing because of the virus. The baseball team had a chance to practice on March 13 before it found out the season was suspended.

In basketball, Sumpter would come off the bench to provide a spark.

Sumpter has had his struggles at the plate but was setting a goal of .300 for a batting aver-age.

"The key is keeping your head down," he said.

If there had been a baseball team, "we would have been pretty good," Sumpter said. "Our four seniors were really good. Our foreign exchange students were really good. Lane Rup-pert is looking at college."

Since the seasons ended, Sumpter has been working on his basketball shooting. He's played golf for a couple of years and is on a Friday morning high school team at Tustin Trails. Irons and chipping have been his strength.

He's also looking or opportunities to work on his baseball and basketball during the summer.