Summer haul

Reed City football players begin grueling workouts

REED CITY — Monty Price realizes how important summer workouts have been to the success of the Reed City football program. But considering the veteran Coyote gridiron skipper is recovering from recent neck surgery, he’s also limiting his role as the recuperation process coincides with preparation for the 2012 football season. Summer workouts started in early June and Price, sitting in a chair alongside the Coyote practice field on Sunday, was taking care of himself physically while watching high school players work to getting in shape. “We call it gladiator training, a little different approach to strength training,” Price said. “It gets them out of the weight room. It’s something fresh and something new. It’s fun and exciting, a little different approach to attacking the body.” Workouts are being conducted three days a week. “This is our Sunday workout,” Price said. “Tuesdays and Thursday are traditional weight room stuff, trying to complement each other.” The Sunday workouts included having players move huge tractor tires in various ways. “This is a bear, it’s a tough workout,” Price said. “We’re having a great summer, I can tell you that. We have a great turnout this summer. The kids seem really committed. We’re trying to build on that (2011) undefeated (regular) season and letting them know it didn’t happen by chance. “We’re pulling tires, we’re flipping tires, we’re playing tug-o-war and pulling them up the hill working on their upper strength too.” The tires weigh anywhere from 80 to 1110 pounds, Price indicated. The team’s blocking camp will start on June 25. “We run about 10 sessions through June and July,” Price said. “We’ll have five day skills camp (In late July). We’ll do five or six 7-on-7’s (passing camps) throughout July as well. We’ll keep busy. “Our blocking camp is simple, everyone in our offense has to block, even our quarterbacks. We teach them basic blocking.” The 7-on-7s are at Cadillac, Lake City and Beal City between July 8 and July 28. “The kids are working hard and trying to juggle in their other sports, but it’s working very well,” Price said. “It’s early, but so far, this is probably the best attendance we’ve had in 12 to 13 years.” Price, also Reed City’s athletic director, noted that he endured a situation physically, with vertebrae and disc-related problems “pushing on my spinal cord and causing changes in it, giving me all kinds of symptoms in my arms and legs,” a circumstance that had been happening within the last year. As his neck situation improves, Price is figuring on wearing the neck brace for about six weeks, which would be just shortly before the start of formal practices in August.