Spring Valley golfer scores his first ace in 35 years

REED CITY -- Brad Halladay has been playing golf for 35 years. His date with destiny finally came with his first ever hole-in-one.

Halladay’s ace came on July 8 while he was playing in the Yoplait Outing at Spring Valley Golf Course. It came at hole No. 4, across the pond, 195 yards long.

“I’ve come close several times,” he said. “I think my closest one was about six inches away.”

Halladay was using a 3 wood when he finally struck gold.

Halladay, an Ashton resident, plays at Spring Valley Golf Course three days a week, He also plays in the Thursday Night Men’s league at The Rose Golf Course in LeRoy. But he won’t soon forget his ace at Spring Valley.

“I was hitting first and there were four of us,” he recalled. “Jeff Smith was with me, Dick and Tony Duddles were with me. We were a team. I hit it, Jeff said ’that’s going to be close.’ It hit three feet to the right of the pin. It checked up, back spun and Dick hollered ‘go in the hole’ and it disappeared. All four of us saw it go in and disappear. We all watched it.”

Halladay said he was stunned.

“I was almost trying to stare, whether it was or not,” he said. “Jeff kind of hollered and jumped on me from the back.”

Halladay said he had several holes left to play.

“I played really good golf the rest of the day,” he said. “I think it fired everyone up. The whole team shot really good. We shot 16 under and actually won the tournament.”

In his 35 years of golf, it ranks No. 1 in terms of thrills, Halladay admits.

His best scores are a 34 for nine holes and 74 for 18.

“Some days I drive the ball great,” he said. “My best game is probably my irons, chipping and stuff like that.”