Sparks deprived of Pine River softball season



LEROY -- Madi Sparks completed her first season on the Pine River varsity basketball team as a freshman and was looking forward to doing the same on the softball squad.

Sparks has played since she was 6 years old on the T-ball level.

"I was really looking forward to playing softball this year," she said. "I played in LeRoy on a team. We were pretty good."

Coming into the season, Sparks had talked to her coach about a possible position.

"He wanted to make me a shortstop," Sparks said. "Last year in LeRoy, I pitched and played shortstop."

Her focus this year would have been shortstop.

"I can stop the ball pretty good and I can throw pretty hard," she said. "I know where to go with the ball. When I get it, I know if I should throw it to first or to second."

Sparks hit some home runs last year, and while she's not certain what a potential batting average could have been, she would have been a confident contact hitter at the plate.

A week after her basketball season ended, Sparks was in softball practice before it was canceled.

"I was really upset," she said. "I was excited to play with the team. We were a young team but coach said we were going to be really good."

Sparks will be a sophomore next year and will play volleyball in the fall.

"Last year was my first time playing volleyball so I was on the JV team," she said. "I might get moved up to varsity this year halfway during the season. I'm not sure.

"I think softball is my best sport but I like basketball more."