South Haven couple enjoy golf at Spring Valley

REED CITY — Spring Valley Golf Course is a special place for Joe Zmuda and his girl friend Maryann Frazier of South Haven.

They come up every year to play golf at Spring Valley.

“A friend of mine has a place just south of Baldwin,” Zmuda said. “We usually come up for a week every year. This year we just took off and went to the U.P. and played a round of golf.”

They’ve been doing it the last three years.

“We play for a couple of days,” Zmuda said. “We’re here for about a week. We like the Intimidator, up by Reed City, and Marquette Trails (Baldwin) because that’s right in the area. That’s only 10 miles from us. We drive this far because we like the course and the people.”

They usually play 18 holes.

“It’s challenging but it’s not too hard that it beats you up,” Zmuda said. “We’re kind of intermediate. We’re not top of the line golfers. It’s friendly that you can play it. It’s difficult enough to make it worth playing.”

“It’s a pretty course,” Frazier said. “Some courses are plain jane. This is a nice one.”

The Beeches is their main course in the South Haven area.

“I play at least twice a week,” Zmuda said.

‘I’m not on a league this year because I just had knee surgery,” Frazier said. “Almost every Friday or Saturday, we’ll play a course in the area.”

Zmuda is retired while Frazier is a cemetery sexton for the city of South Haven.

They laughed while discussing similarities of taking care of a cemetery and golf course.

“She digs more holes,” Zmuda laughed.

They anticipate coming to Spring Valley every year.

“Till death do us part,” Zmuda smiled.