Sophomore making successful transition to Evart varsity

EVART — Cyana Dellar has been looking to play a key role for the Evart girls basketball team this season.

She’s one of two sophomores on the Wildcat team and has been making the adjustment as a first-time varsity player.

“It’s just quicker, more physical,” Dellar said. “I’m still trying to get used to it.”

She’s been at the center spot and has focused on rebounds. To be a better rebounder, Dellar is looking to be a better jumper and more aggressive.

The Wildcats are 0-6, but Dellar indicated performances have been getting better in recent games.

“I feel we’ve all improved,” she said, pointing to defense as a specific area of improvement.

The Wildcats are continuing to look to improve on her shooting. Dellar indicated inside shots may represent her best offense. Working together remains a key for the team to have success.

As a member of the varsity team, “we’re closer, more together,” Dellar said.

Evart play at Marion on Thursday and is home Tuesday against Pine River.