Sophomore first baseman confident of Evart softball team's prospects

EVART — Evart’s softball team is looking to get in some games this week to start the season and no one could be any more excited than Courtney Sheldon.

She’s a sophomore on the Wildcat team and has played the sport since age seven. She’s a transfer from Reed City. She played JV half the season last spring and was moved up later in the spring.

Sheldon will be playing mostly first base and center field. Outside practices have been limited because of the weather.

“Whenever we’re inside, it actually does something, we don’t sit around but we get something in,” Sheldon said, adding that going outside “does help. We get the feel for it. We get to feel the win.”

Sheldon said she “loves first base, not just with all the action, but it’s a position that she knows and understands very well.

“I trust my teammates,” she said. “Half the  job is to trust their throws (to first base) and not be afraid of what’s coming at me.”

Sheldon said her hitting “has gotten a lot better than the last couple of years. I’ve been a lot more brave when it comes to going against bigger and better pitchers. Confidence is key.”

Evart is scheduled to be home Wednesday against Glen Lake and has a home game next Tuesday against Montabella.

“We’re going to crank the ball, that’s for sure,” Sheldon said. “A lot of girls are confident at the plate. We’re going to be stealing bases, we’re going to try to. I’m pretty confident of our infield. Any hitters that hit off of (Evart pitcher Sam Bressler), we’re going to back up.

“We have a few young players and a lot that started last year. Most of us are experienced.”