REED CITY - Senior Cassie Enos was among the players whom Reed City softball coach Roger Steig was counting on during the 2020 season.

But Enos, like other spring sports athletes, was only able to get through one week before the season was suspended because of the coronavirus matter. The MHSAA canceled the season on Friday.

Enos said she played a "little bit," during the winter to get ready for the spring.

Enos has had some impressive achievements in her past softball seasons.

"My sophomore year, I hit my only home run (over-the-fence)," she said. "Last year as team captain, we had a really strong team. My hitting has gotten better. My throwing, I've learned a lot more all over the field."

Enos has usually played center field for the Coyotes.

"I can read a ball really well," Enos said. "I'm not the fastest, but reading a ball definitely helps that."

Enos has also thrown out base runners. She wasn't sure if she might have played any other position if there was a 2020 season.

"This year, with us losing people who decided not to come out out, it's hard to tell but I could play anywhere, really," Enos said prior to the official cancellation to end the season.

"You have to be patient," she said. "It doesn't matter how well you can swing a bat if you're not waiting for the right pitches."

Enos focused on improving her hitting during the offseason.

She batted in the high 200s last season.

Enos also wrestled on the boys team during the winter.