Soccer team finishes summer workouts

REED CITY — Reed City’s new boys soccer coach Doug Emington continues a busy summer of open soccer fields last week.

The Coyotes now wait until practice season opens on Aug. 10.

“The down period starts (last Monday) so you can only condition with your kids and can’t be with them with a soccer ball,” Emington said. “So we’ll be conditioning in the morning. The 10th starts official first practices for tryouts.”

A scrimmage is at Pine River on Aug. 18 with an informal format.

“It will be with coaches on the field and will help sort out our teams,” Emington said. “Then we’ll have a day of practice and that weekend we’ll be (at Mason County Central).”

The first home game is Aug. 31 with Kent City.

“We’ll only be one squad unless we get more kids out,” Emington said.

Emington continued with open fields last week, allowing players to test their skills in various informal scrimmages. He was looking for various players to handle the role of goalie. Brandon Wirth and Hunter Morrison were among the veteran players participating.

Practices start on Aug. 10. This week is down period time when players can only condition. Girls were also participating in the open field.

“I just want them to get some touches on the ball out of season,” Emington said.