REED CITY — Soccer teams recently ended their seasons and various players are working on their skills during the summer.

Willow Stieg-Boyer, who had a strong season for Reed City’s soccer program, played her final senior season, but for a Coyote team that was vastly improved and won several games.

Stieg-Boyer had two varsity seasons for the Coyotes. She played striker for the Coyotes and scored five goals.

“It’s been a decent season,” she said. “I’m more a possession-style player as far as strikers go. I do more other things than scoring. I was fairly effective.”

As a soccer player, “I think I’m one of the more physical, offensive players on my team, which works to my advantage,” Stieg-Boyer said.

As a team, “we’re doing quite well as far as Reed City girls soccer goes,” she said, adding a key factor has been “just the fact we’ve played together for so long. A number of the members have played together for probably 10 years.”

One junior who is returning for 2018 is Alanna Nelson, who had six goals and six assists. She had two goals in one game. She is an attacking mid. It was her second varsity season.

“I improved a lot,” she said. “I’ve gotten a lot faster.”

Nelson, also a basketball player, does an extensive amount of running, and said soccer helps her in that respect.

The key in scoring goals, Nelson said. “is working with your teammates and being able to pass.”

The Coyotes won seven games this season.

“It was a lot better than it’s been,” Nelson said. “We only won four games last year. We worked hard as a team.”