Sizemore gives Bucks strength on both sides of the ball


LEROY — Lukas Sizemore likes the way the 2-1 Pine River Bucks are playing.

He’s an inside linebacker on defense and a offensive tackle in his junior season. It’s his second varsity season.

Last year, Sizemore made a successful transition from JV to varsity.

“The game definitely moves a lot faster,” he said, adding that he and his teammates had a busy offseason to get ready for this year. “We had camps and lifting weight. Knowing the offense better helps a lot because of footwork. It makes it easier to get where I’m going and know what I’m doing when I get there.”

Sizemore played guard on offense last season.

“I moved to left tackle so I’ll be uncovered going to the linebacker more because I’m a smaller lineman,” Sizemore said. “On our line, almost everyone is interchangeable. We know all the positions in case anyone gets hurt.”

His defensive role has basically stayed unchanged.

He’s started both ways the past two seasons. Pine River has lost to Kalkaska in the past so the 39-6 win in the season opener was sweet.

“I thought it was a good win,”’ Sizemore said. “We had more speed than them and we executed well. It makes a huge difference. It’s easier to be more optimistic about a season when you come off a win.”

Pine Rver followed that with a 55-13 win over Benzie Central.

“They’re big and confident but we definitely should be able to beat them and keep the momentum going,” Sizemore said prior to the game.

Mason Powell, a sophomore, is quarterback.

“There’s growing pains but he’s learning well and picking it up fast,” Sizemore said. 

The first play of the season was a kickoff return by Brandon Fulks for a touchdown.

“That was huge,” Sizemore said. “It set the tone for the entire game.”

Pine River lost to Beal City Friday and is at Godwin Heights Friday.

“We’re definitely thinking playoffs,” Sizemore said, “and winning a playoff game.”

The team can still improve in “executing sometimes,” Sizemore said.