Senior setter bids for huge season at Pine River


LEROY — Pine River’s girls volleyball team has started the season and Morgan Sumpter is expecting some positive results from the Bucks this fall.

Pine River has started out 5-3.

Sumpter is a senior in her second varsity season.

“I think we had a solid season last year,” she said. “A lot of us got a chance to play together. Me, coming off, it was my chance to learn how to be a setter for the varsity.”

Sumpter set and played back row.

“This year, I’m expecting to set,” she said. “I may play a little bit of back row but it will be mainly to set. I’m fast-paced and I get to the ball as fast as I can.”

Communications and being able to set  the way “my hitters want me to set to them and make sure I don’t bring the team down,” Sumpter said, will be a key to having success.

She had a chance to work on setting with her teammates during the summer.

“I’ve gone to almost every open gym and have worked a lot with (former Pine River player) Chelsea Nelson to help me realize my potential and where I need to place the ball,” Sumpter said. “I worked a lot with Kyla and Brittany to make sure they like the sets.”

The Bucks are at the Kingsley Invitational Sept. 6 and at Manistee Sept. 9.

“Right now, since there’s a lot of returners, we’ll have a closer knit bond and will come back strong and know each other’s tendencies,” Sumpter said, adding that “communications and passing” will be critical to have success, especially against tough teams.