Senior provides depth for Reed City softball team at various positions

REED CITY — Olivia Lawson is in her third year of varsity softball at Reed City and is determined that her senior year will be her best.

“My first year was a little tricky in trying to make the adjustment from JV,” she said. “But I had a lot of supporters on the team and I kind of knew a lot of them from paying with them. It got better. I loved it.”

Lawson recalls trying to adjust to the intensity of the game.

“On the JV level, it wasn’t as intense because you’re playing for fun,” she said. “When you get to the varsity, you’re playing to win.”

Lawson’s positions have included pitcher, left field and first base.

“I’m pretty good in outfield, but I like playing first base better,” she said, adding that her arm is a strength as an outfielder and she has a “good stretch” at first base.

Jules Griffin and Sidni Rushford are Reed City’s top two pitchers but Lawson is also available. She indicated that being left-handed makes it tough on opposing hitters.

“Against right-handed batters, they can’t see my arm coming around,” she said. “I have a natural drop ball. I like throwing fast balls. I’m not big on changes.”

The Coyotes are at Big Rapids on Friday.

“I think we’re looking pretty good,” Lawson said. “I think we’re going to have a solid ball team this year. We’ve been working hard and putting in extra time. We have a lot of returning players. Knowing our mistakes from last year is going to help carry us through this year.

“I think we’re looking good in all areas right now.”