REED CITY -- Kalee Hensel is in the final months of her senior season with the Reed City basketball team and wouldn’t mind seeing the Coyotes enjoy an infinite amount of wins and successes.

If they do, players like Hensel and another four-year senior varsity player, Emma Lockhart, will be among those girls to play a key role.

The Coyotes, at 4-2 overall, played Tuesday at Lakeview and will be at Chippewa Hills Friday night in Central State Activities Association action.

Hensel and her teammates stayed active over the break using other gym facilities with the middle school and high school surfaces getting some work.

“I think that we’re doing pretty decent,” she said. “We’ve struggled a couple of games but got back into it. I think we should be all right for the rest of the year,”

The only losses were to Cadillac in nonleague play and Big Rapids in the CSAA.

“Cadillac ran a tough man-to-man and Big Rapids had a triangle-and-two on us and we weren’t expecting that,” Hensel said.

The Coyotes don’t have Cadillac again but will get a rematch with Big Rapids on the road Jan. 25.

“We’d have to work better on our offense and what we’re going to run and try to shut down some of the players we didn’t shut down the first time we played them,” Hensel said.

In her fourth varsity season, Hensel indicated her role has seen some changes.

“Now I’m more of a leader on the team and I have to be a role model for everybody,” she said.

Hensel has been among the leaders in scoring and other categories for the Coyotes in the first part of this season.

“I think I’m better at the offensive end because I can get to the basket and score from the outside,” Hensel said. “I have to work on my defense.

“I’m trying to force the player to make a mistake.”

Hensel has narrowed down her possibilities for a college career but said she’ll probably wait to make a decision at the end of the season. Lockhart has already signed a letter to play at Davenport University.

Hensel noted that she and Lockhart have played together since the early elementary grades and have a special relationship.

Because of that unique closeness, “it’s easier to know where we’re on the court,” Hensel said.

Plenty of basketball is left for the Coyotes and Hensel is excited with her team’s prospects the rest of the way.

“We want to try to win out and beat Big Rapids and win the tight games,” she said. “We have to work hard and play good defense and work as a team.”