Senior eyes a strong finish to final season for Reed City

REED CITY — Mykel Dillard is looking to end his Reed City boys basketball season on a major note in upcoming weeks.

He had one of his best games recently in a win at Chippewa Hills when he led his team to a 17-0 start.

“We wanted to start fast and be able to score quick and get the lead on them,” Dillard said.

The Coyotes start this week at 9-7 and recent wins have helped the team’s confidence, Dillard indicated.

“I can play better still,” he said. “I’m just improving every week.”

Dillard has seemed in recent games to be more determined to drive to the basket.

“I’m getting better at finishing. I’ve been practicing pretty much all the time trying to improve,” he said. “We shoot good in practice, but we’ve been getting way better in games.”

Reed City lost to Grant and Big Rapids at home, but Dillard and the Coyotes were looking forward to their rematch against both teams.

“We just have to outwork them and play smart the whole game,” Dillard said. “We can’t turn the ball over. We have to out work them on the offensive glass.

“We can get a lot better. Last year, we started off bad. We went uphill from there. It’s kind of like this year.”

Reed City is at Big Rapids on Friday.