See you next spring: Gostlin finishes strong Evart volleyball season

Wildcat junior now gears up for softball

Kate Gostlin



John Raffel

EVART – Evart junior Kate Gostlin is coming off an impressive second varsity season of Wildcats softball and will spend the next several weekends gearing up for softball.

Throughout the season for the Wildcats, Gostlin was an outside hitter. Placement and the velocity she puts on the ball have been strengths.

“When you go up, you want to remember a lot of times the middle of the floor is open,” she said. “ I improved a lot from last year. I moved spots from late year. Last year I hit right side. Now I hit outside.

“You have to wait longer when you’re outside.”

Gostlin also served for the Wildcats.

“It’s the same thing (as hitting),” she said. “In serving, you have to look for your spots.”

The Wildcats battled all season to be a force in the Highland Conference. Highlights include a win late in the season over Pine River.

“We can’t let it get to our heads we won and have to keep playing,” Gostlin said.

But the Bucks came back to eliminate Evart in the district.

Most of the volleyball players also participate in basketball and softball.

“We have a good bond with each other,” Gostlin said.

Gostlin focuses on softball and volleyball.

“I do softball all year long,” she said. “During the winter, I lift.”

Amanda  Brown, Evart’s softball and volleyball coach, was impressed with Gostlin’s fall volleyball season.

“She has done a great job all season,” Brown said. “She is an all-around athletic and can play any positions. She also got to settle in to being an outside hitter this season and did a great job. Her jump serve had become a force to be reckoned with. She can place it where she wants and the speed is always changing.”